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Vinyl Floor Maintenance

vinyl floor maintenance

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Maintenance Platoon Welder at works

Maintenance Platoon Welder at works

Kabul, Afghanistan, 18 September 2004

Maintenance Platoon Welder at works

Corporal Nathan Kachur, of the National Support Element (NSE) Maintenance Platoon, works underneath a Super Heavy Logistics Vehicle Wheeled (SHLVW).
The NSE is responsible for delivering centralized administration and logistic support services to task force Kabul. The Maintenance Platoon, a section of the NSE, is responsible for maintaining equipment at Camp Julien.

The mission of Canada's contribution to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), known as Operation Athena, is to maintain security in Kabul and its surrounding areas so the Afghan Transitional Authority and United Nations agencies can rebuild the country. At this time, ISAF comprises approximately 8,300 troops from 37 Nations.

Canadian Forces Image Number IS2004-0646a
Photo by Cpl Robert Bottrill, with Canadian Forces Combat Camera


Kaboul (Afghanistan), Le 18 septembre 2004

Soudeur du peloton d'entretien au travail,

Le Caporal Nathan Kachur du peloton d’entretien de l'element de soutien national (ESN) travaille sous un vehicule logistique tres lourd a roues (VLTLR).
L'ESN est charge de fournir des services centralises de soutien administratif et logistique a la Force operationnelle a Kaboul. Le peloton d’entretien, une section de l'ESN, est responsable de l'entretien de l'equipement au camp Julien.

L'operation Athena, participation du Canada a la Force internationale d'assistance a la securite (FIAS), a pour objet de maintenir la securite a Kaboul et dans les environs afin que l'Autorite de transition afghane et les organismes des Nations Unies puissent rebatir le pays. En ce moment, la FIAS compte environ 8 300 militaires de 37 pays.

Image des Forces canadiennes numero IS2004-0646a
par le Cpl Robert Bottrill, Camera de combat des Forces canadiennes



Noticed that 1) I haven't uploaded a new picture in 3 months and 2) Half of the pictures on my Flickr are, well, crap.

I'm in the process of cleaning all the old non-DSLR photos off of here. Also, When you have SOOOO many photos of one event the good ones tend to get lost. I've become more and more serious about the pictures I take....time to start acting on that.

So- please hold for a while for maintenance. There should be some good upcoming photos as the new 12-24 lens is coming in today.

We're sorry for any inconvenience.

vinyl floor maintenance

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