Flooring nailer air : Trunk flooring : Fsc certified wood flooring.

Flooring Nailer Air

flooring nailer air

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For Sale- Used JacPac CO2 Nailgun

For Sale- Used JacPac CO2 Nailgun

For Sale-used JacPac, Comes with 10oz. CO2 Tank, Regulator 20-100PSI, and carry case, Does not come with coiled Air hose, Made for Air Nailer so you don't have to drag a hose around and mark up floors.---Needs new O-Ring for CO2 tank easy to find at any paint ball store or wal mart.

Asking $50 you can get one Brand New on ebay for $100+shipping

Sep 6 2008 Fans and flooring 008

Sep 6 2008 Fans and flooring 008

Special flooring air nailer. Just smack the little white rubber top and it drives a nail as it tightens the floor boards.
Ebay special.

flooring nailer air

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